Inter-Professional Health Education (IPHE) has been recognized as foundational to achieve safe, high quality, accessible, patient-centered care. An Interprofessional Health Education Collaborative (IPHEC) formed to develop common domains and to define domain competencies for interprofessional health education

Interprofessional health education is not a new thing. This concept has long proclaimed by WHO in line with the implementation of the agreement Health for All 2000. Ten years later, the WHO declared the need to improve the overall health system, including in terms of education for health. It is increasingly emphasized in WHO's annual report in 2000, that recommended the development of a national health system and underscores the importance of the provision of health human resources are supported by an educational health system, which involves all relevant profession in each country (2, 3). IPHE development in Indonesia has been running within the next few years. IPHE but still in the stage that has not fully gained tangible form. Interprofessional education often remains a scientific debate between health educators and professionals in Indonesia, and has not been implemented as a policy to integrate IPHE into health professional education curriculum in Indonesia, especially at Hasanuddin University. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate a recommendation for the development of IPHE at Hasanuddin University for seven health professions (pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, nursing, midwifery, public health and nutrition) as a first step to make the IPHE as a policy that requires a firm foundation. Based on this background, there will be a workshop and conference to address the global challenges of the health care system, especially related to the curriculum, research, the need for teamwork and interprofessional collaboration practices.

The conference will be supported by German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD). and Hasanuddin University. The conference will discuss a range of critically important issues and themes relating to the interprofessional health education, research and collaboration practices. The core competencies for interprofessional practice developed by the interprofessional health colaborative, were used as the foundation on which to begin the discussion and strategizing healthcare.


The one day workshop and two days conference will feature best practices, show-case evidence based outcomes and lessons learned, and provide a venue for dialogue and productive networking. Plenary speakers include some of the leading thinkers in these areas, as well as numerous paper, poster and presentations. In addition to the themes discussed as well synchronization of curriculum with Indonesian national qualifications framework


The result of this quintessential Event will summarize the proceedings and offer strategies to catalyze IPHE. The invitational group will share its findings related to supporting IPHE on an organizational level and provide specific strategies. This conference can serve as a catalyst for those struggling implementing IPHE. Reach out to others and share challenges and successes in health care education as way to enhance team performance and ultimately improve patient outcomes and safety. In this symposium the stimulation-based IPHE training experience will be shared implement  in their organizations to implement IPHE through simulation and the IPHEC For core competencies we can begin to make effective change by reaching outside our professional and openly share our ideas, knowledge and experience with other health professions. This is the first step on the journey toward excellence in interprofessional health practice.